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SALISBURY, Md. – Visitors to the Salisbury Zoo may spot a new animal hanging out in the trees – a black-tufted marmoset named Timmy.

The Salisbury Zoo acquired Timmy, who is 12 years old, in November. He was quarantined, as is procedure, before participating in “howdying” with the Zoo’s cotton-top tamarin, Bianca, to ensure they would get along well. Timmy and Bianca are now on exhibit together.

“Timmy is a great addition to the Zoo,” said Zoo Director Leonora Dillon. “We’re glad that he and Bianca can both offer each other company, and we’re excited for visitors to come see him.”

Black-tufted marmosets are social animals that are arboreal, meaning they live in trees. The species is native to South America, mainly Brazil. Timmy came to the Salisbury Zoo from the University of Nebraska Omaha.  

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