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Public Safety Concern: South Blvd and Smith Street in Salisbury, MD



Public Safety Concern

The following is an Eastern Shore Undercover Public Safety Concern Notice. One of our followers reached out to us this week to make us aware of a situation that happened earlier this week and reach out for some community help. The follower had her nine year old sister over for a sleep over. After a long day of errands her sister wanted to ride her hover board outside. She was told that she could both the follower and her little sister went outside her residence on the corner of South Blvd and Smith Street.

Approximately ten minutes later, a black male in a red shirt, came around the corner of the apartment building, two doors down from them. He was carrying a backpack and a lawn chair. He stared the two down for a long period of time and then started walking toward the sidewalk, as if he was walking away.

The follower broke eye contact with him for only a second to look at her little sister and tell her to run. When she looked back in his direction, he was charging at the follower and her sister. The follower screamed at her sister to run inside immediately. The follower ran to the door and held it for her sister because she was carrying her hover board. The little sister was so scared and shaky that she dropped the hoverboard right outside of the door, on her way in.

Both the follower and her little sister made it inside safely however the hoverboard was left outside due to the urgency. The follower immediately woke her husband and told him that we were almost attacked and asked him if he could check if her hover board was still outside. Unfortunately the man stole the hoverboard and left his lawn chair in its place.

The sister was so scared and she told her older sister that she had never known anyone to be anything other than friendly. She told the older sister that she never wants to be alone again because now she knows there are really bad people in the world.

A police report has been filed with the Salisbury Police Dept about this incident and we are posting this as a Public Safety Concern Notice. This is the second time in two months that a situation like this has happened to the older sister. She believes that it could have been the same man both times. She wants to make others aware of the situation and make sure you are all alert when in the area of South Blvd and Smith Street.

If you observe a purple hover board that lights up and can play music with black wheels and chrome looking rims, this may be the little girls hoverboard. The hoverboard was a sentimental Christmas gift from her stepfather that is adopting her. Her mom is in a tight spot financially and aren’t sure when she will be able to get a new one. So if there’s any chance that can find it and get hers back, it would be amazing.

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