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Princess Anne, MD – The Princess Anne Police Department (PAPD) has been actively investigating a series of shootings that have taken place within the town limits of Princess Anne, Maryland. In a commendable effort, the dedicated officers and detectives of the PAPD are making progress in bringing those responsible for these shootings to justice.

The most recent incident occurred during the overnight hours of June 10th, when multiple gunshots were fired, shattering the windows of a local business and damaging town property.

Responding officers promptly located a gunshot victim, who had sustained a bullet wound to the leg. Detectives from the PAPD were immediately deployed to investigate the crime scene, where they discovered numerous shell casings in the vicinity.

Due to the severity of the incident, the investigation was intensified, and patrols in the area were heightened over the next 36 hours. These measures were put in place to ensure the safety of the community and to aid in apprehending the individuals responsible for these dangerous acts.

On June 12th, the investigative efforts led PAPD officers to recover multiple stolen firearms from two individuals. Investigative efforts are ongoing to determine any link to the recent shootings.

As a result of the recovery of these firearms, these two individuals were arrested and are currently being held without bond on firearms and related charges.

The investigation is ongoing, with the PAPD working tirelessly to gather additional evidence and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding these incidents.

The Princess Anne Police Department is committed to maintaining the safety and security of our community. We commend the dedication and swift action taken by our officers and detectives, whose tireless efforts have led to significant progress in this investigation.

We also extend our gratitude to the community for their cooperation and support throughout this process.

The PAPD urges anyone with information regarding these incidents or any other related criminal activities to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation. Together, we can create a safer environment for all residents of Princess Anne.

All subjects mentioned in this press release are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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