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Ocean City Police Officer, PFC Lee Arlington, Goes Above And Beyond Normal Duties

Last night, I was made aware of an Ocean City Police Officer, PFC Lee Arlington, who is truly making a difference and doing a good deed for one family in Ocean City. The Town of Ocean City has a residence check program where residents that will be out of town, can have the police department check on their property.

This is a wonderful program for those families that are part-time residents or those that will be away for extended periods of time. This particular family resides out of state but also owns a vacation home in Ocean City, that they utilize on the weekends and in the summer. The family has signed up for the Town of Ocean City’s Residential Check Program, they tell me it is a wonderful program, that gives families peace of mind, knowing their home is being checked on while they are not around.

On this particular evening, PFC Lee Arlington was on patrol and was making his rounds checking on residences. As you can see in the video, PFC Arlington was walking around the backside of the residence, when he observed one of the electrical covers missing from the boat lift.

With the storm that was coming last night, had water gotten into the uncovered box, it could have damaged the expensive electronic equipment. PFC Arlington could have ignored the blue cover, instead, he went out of his way, and observed that two blue covers were on, however one was missing. PFC Lee Arlington notice that one of the blue covers had blown off and was laying in a natural area by the house. Instead of ignoring the issue, he collected the blue cover and put it back, ensuring that the electronic equipment was protected.

In addition, not only did PFC Lee Arlington notice and retrieve the missing blue cover, but he also went further by using some rocks as weights to make sure that the cover doesn’t blow off again, at least until the owner can get to Ocean City this weekend and replace it. These small acts of kindness are things that most of the general public doesn’t know about. If there wasn’t a video to show the kind act, chances are PFC Arlington would have gone on about his day and no one would have ever known about this, because I know PFC Arlington and know that he wouldn’t be looking for anyone to commend him, he just looks at this as part of his daily job.

I’ve had the honor of knowing PFC Arlington for many years, we went through the Ocean City Seasonal Academy together and I worked with him for many years and he is truly an amazing asset to the Town of Ocean City!

These types of acts show his true character and what type of person he is. Thank you PFC Arlington for being the person you are and caring enough to make a difference in people’s lives!
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