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Important statement from the admin of Eastern Shore Undercover – Please read!

When I first started Eastern Shore Undercover, I wanted to have a place where everyone could come and enjoy “real news” and information that we felt was important to our community. At the time, I felt that there was a major divide between the community and law enforcement, and much of that was brought on by biased media.

I wanted a place where people could come and enjoy reading about what was happening in their community. I didn’t care who you were, what color your skin was, your political party, the religion you practiced, or your sexual preferences. I just wanted a place where everyone could be happy and enjoy being a community, for the greater good.

In the process, I wanted to use that same platform to show the true meaning of law enforcement and what they do on a daily basis, not what some of the paid media outlets want you to believe. An overwhelming amount of what you see on TV is fabricated and driven for clicks, likes, shares, and views. This page didn’t care about any of that. I wasn’t tied to any advertising so that stuff didn’t mean anything to me.

Many people didn’t like the fact that we have policies and the reason I put those policies into place, was so that Eastern Shore Undercover didn’t turn into a trashy website and social media platform, like you see with many other media outlets.

I’ve run this page identical to how I run my household. Everyone is welcome to come into my house, just like everyone is welcome to read our website and come on my social media pages…. until you become an asshole, and then you’ve got to go.

I have stayed true to that concept and never swayed away from it, granted we had over 70K followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined, and nearly 15K people were banned from viewing those pages. Granted, I am quick to get rid of those that want to argue but there is enough arguing and negativity in the world that we don’t need to add to it.

Since day 1, I’ve always said I’m not going to get into long-drawn-out arguments on social media about who is right and who is wrong. There are certain topics that no one is going to win by arguing. Politics are one, racial issues are another, just to name two, and I am not going to dedicate 16-18 hours a day of my time away from my family, to argue with people on social media.

My thoughts on preventing arguments and running a clean page that everyone would enjoy have now turned into people calling me a racist, which anyone who knows me on a personal basis, knows is far from the truth.

I was fortunate enough to do this to help out people in our community, and not for financial gain. I am financially secure enough that I did not have to rely on or ever try to sell advertisements to survive and prosper.

I did this entire venture because I truly enjoyed helping people, no matter if it is helping a family without food during the Covid pandemic, reuniting a family with their lost dog, helping a family that lost their house to a fire, being their morally and financially for those that have lost loved ones, or giving them peace of mind in knowing what is happening in their neighborhood, I truly enjoy that aspect of Eastern Shore Undercover, and never did I EVER make a decision based on someone’s skin color!

That said, it’s gotten to the point that it just isn’t worth the headaches anymore, to deal with all of the drama, get nasty emails daily and most of all, be called a racist. Therefore, I’ve decided to take some time off, sit back and re-evaluate the future of Eastern Shore Undercover.

I personally want to thank you all for the support over the past 2-years and I promise that once we decide on the future, we will definitely let you all know.