Canine Teams from all around Maryland, as well as many surrounding states, will be participating in the K9 Law & Order Training Seminar, which is scheduled to take place April 14, 15 & 16 at Frontier Town in Worcester County, Maryland. This is a real-life scenario-based training that will be put on by some of the top-tier instructors in the country!

Last month, I sponsored a K-9 team to attend this Seminar. Since all of the Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset County K-9 teams were already sponsored, I still wanted to help out and sponsored Officer Holden and K9 Cash from the Centreville Police Department.

Earlier today, I spoke with the folks that are hosting this amazing training seminar and found out that some of the business sponsors have not been as strong as expected and anticipated. That has resulted in the seminar being a little short on funding for the meals for the officers and instructors attending this wonderful training event.

Therefore, my wife and I got to thinking about it and figured we had to come up with a solution to make sure these officers and everyone involved will be taken care of. As a community, we must show our support for our law enforcement during the good times as well as the tragic and sad times.

As you can see from the attached image below, the seminar is about $5,500 short of what they need to pull off this seminar without any issues.

I have pulled out 25 Medium, 125 Large and 125 X-Large Eastern Shore Undercover T-shirts. If I can sell all of these shirts, I will have enough money to completely fund these meals for our law enforcement teams for this seminar. The shirts are $25.00 each, and that includes shipping to your home or office.

My wife and I have cleared our schedule completely for the next two days and are confident that we can do this! It may seem like a ton of money ($5,500), but it’s only 275 T-Shirts! We got this! Let’s go!!!

To help us out with this project by purchasing a T-shirt or making a donation, send me a message or an email at info@easternshoreundercover.com. We will provide you with all of the information in the response message.