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Eastern Shore Undercover Social Media Page Rules and Policy

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any police, sheriff, fire department, or government agency. Therefore, if you have an emergency that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire, or EMS, please do not message us – dial 911! 

Rules and Policies of Eastern Shore Undercover

Eastern Shore Undercover is tremendously proud of the social media presence that we have built over the 18 months. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages have grown into a monster of media and we couldn’t be happier with the direction of each.

We have become one of the most utilized social media pages for news and information on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Wicomico and Worcester County.

The pages are monitored closely, and while many feel that we are too strict with our policy’s, we feel that it is a necessary evil with keeping the page respected, professional, and able to be used by all of our community, no matter what the age, sex or race.


One of our first topics to cover is our integrity. Some people are constantly questioning if the information we post is “made up” or “Fake News.” Some of you guys even think it is funny to post “Fake News” or comment that we have posted inaccurate information.

I can assure you that 100% of the info we post is the same information that is provided to local law enforcement, fire, and medical personnel. There are certainly times when calls are completely different when officers arrive, but that does not mean that we made it up, it means whoever called for the police, fire or EMS, was either mistaken, or THEY called it in the wrong. 

Either way, we will not tolerate our credibility and integrity being questioned. 


There are many times when we get asked to take down a post. The policy of this company is we do not take down posts. In the beginning, we took down a few posts and people accused us of hiding calls for service. It isn’t fair for us to take down some calls, and not others, therefore, we do not take down ANY calls for any reason.


Guys, we all know we want an ending and an update to each of these incidents, but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the real world. We do our best to update each post however, there are times when that information isn’t available.

We ask that you please refrain from messaging us, asking for updates because it takes too much time to stop and reply to each message. When we have an update, it will ALWAYS be posted in the original post.


Simply put, racial comments are NOT allowed in any way, shape, or form! Please refrain from using any and all racial comments? We will not, under any circumstance, tolerate any comment that can be considered racial. Any comment about a person’s race will be deleted immediately, and you will be banned.


Please do not threaten other members of the social media pages. We understand that many people will have varying opinions; however, if your comment is threatening towards another member of our community, it will be deleted, and you will be banned from Eastern Shore Undercover Social Media pages in the future.


Please try to keep the language to a minimum. We have kids following this page, and I ask that you try to keep the language at a minimum.  Posting a comment having 5 F-bombs in there does not make you look cool, it makes you look uneducated and stupid!  


If we see that you are commenting and your comments are questionable, we will check your page. If we notice that your page has no activity, you have minimum friends, or you have no photo, that tells us that you are using a fake account. That means you are doing it anonymously, and we will delete and ban your account.  


Please don’t come onto Eastern Shore Undercover Social Media pages and share other page links, URL’s or Page/Groups, sending people off our page.  In my opinion, that is just rude and unacceptable.  We can not verify the information you attach, and we don’t want the wrong information being spread on this page. So please don’t post links, no matter what they are for or what page they are from!


Under no circumstance will we allow anyone to comment in support of the illegal activity? If you support or advocate for crime, keep it to yourself. We don’t want to see it on the page, and we certainly will not allow it to be posted here on the page.


We know that there are times when you want to add something in the comments about what happened, the information you heard from a “friend,” or even information that you observed, but we ask that instead of posting the info on the comment, you send us a message. We don’t want to spread false information on this page, so by sending us the info, we can do some due diligence and figure out what is correct and what is a rumor.


When we post breaking news articles, they are very limited on what they contain. This is done to prevent the victim or person in need of medical attention from being identified. We will never allow a comment to be posted that contains the name, address, or identifying information of a person unless that person addresses the post and allows for an update with their information.