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Eastern Shore Undercover Social Media Policies

Eastern Shore Undercover has become the most utilized social media page, for news and information, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset County, as well as many folks, who utilize our information from outside our area, that have family and friends on the shore, such as those with children attending Salisbury University and UMES. Therefore, we have created a new policy on how we will operate to keep our social media presence clean and appealing to everyone.

The following policy is being immediately implemented in all aspects of Eastern Shore Undercover and all of our social media pages.


One of Facebook’s main attributes is they want all material to be authentic and true.  We also want to maintain our level of integrity, which falls in line with what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most major social media outlets attempt to adhere to. 

We want to make sure that the content you are seeing on Eastern Shore Undercover is authentic, genuine, and true. Therefore, our promise to you is that we will make sure that all material posted on our website and social media platforms are true to the best of our ability. 

The news posts that we publish are directly from Police, Fire, and EMS dispatch, as well as from reliable sources we have developed over the past few years.

At no time will ever fabricate or make up a story to post on Eastern Shore Undercover’s Social Media pages. What you read about are the legit calls that our Police, Fire, and EMS crews are being dispatched to.

If you go on the social media pages and claim we are posting “Fake News”, your comment will be removed, and you may end up banned from using the page in the future.


There are many times when an individual will ask us to take down a post. Our policy is firm on this matter, we do not take down posts. When we first started Eastern Shore Undercover, we took down a few posts, and that caused people to accuse us of hiding calls for service.

It isn’t fair for us to take down some calls, and not others, therefore, we do not take down ANY calls for any reason unless requested to do so by law enforcement or government agencies.


Safety for everyone is our #1 priority.  We will not tolerate any comments that are threatening, or that may cause harm to anyone on our platforms.  We will immediately remove any comment that is considered a threat, and the person that made that comment will be removed immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Any comments that threaten a follower on our page or that have the potential to intimidate or silence another individual on any of our social media pages will be removed, and the person that made the comment will be banned from all Eastern Shore Undercover social media pages.


Eastern Shore Undercover prioritizes privacy, and therefore, we will never post an exact address, personal information, or material that could violate someone’s privacy.  This has always been a policy however, we are reiterating this for those that may not be aware.  At no time will anyone’s private information be released on this page unless it is provided by a government agency in an official capacity and able to be verified. 


Eastern Shore Undercover believes that all followers of our page are equal in dignity and rights. We expect and require that people respect the dignity of others and not harass or degrade others in any way, shape, or form.  We are allowing people to speak their minds and have a location to express their opinions however we also don’t want the page to turn into a place where people are going to fight with each other about various topics. 

Therefore, we ask that everyone be professional and conduct yourselves in a professional manner.  If we notice that you are being rude towards others or degrading in any way, you will be removed from Eastern Shore Undercover. 

Racial comments are NOT allowed in any way, shape, or form on any of our social media pages! Please refrain from using any and all racial comments. We will not, under any circumstance, tolerate any comment that can be considered racial or discussing race. Any comment about a person’s race will be deleted immediately, and you will be removed from our social media pages.

Eastern Shore Undercover is a platform for everyone, all races and all nationalities.  Hatred towards anyone on this page will result in you being removed from the page.


One of the most frequent questions we get asked is about updates.  We all know we want an ending and an update to each of these incidents, but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the real world. We do our best to update each post however, there are times when that information just isn’t available.  We ask that you please refrain from messaging us, asking for updates because it takes too much time to stop and reply to each message. When we have an update, it will ALWAYS be posted in the original post.


Eastern Shore Undercover does not permit linking of other pages or URL’s on our Social Media pages.   We can not verify the information that is contained within these URL’s and simply don’t have the time to verify each article, so please don’t post any links, no matter what they are for or what page they are from!


While many of you may think posting some things are funny and humorous, it creates problems for Eastern Shore Undercover. For example, if we post a “dumpster fire” and you comment about a current or previous President of the United States, it causes our page headaches with people arguing, so it is not allowed. Please don’t do it!

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