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Eastern Shore Undercover Coverage Areas and What We Post



Far too often, the question arises about the coverage areas and the information that we post on our social media pages and why we don’t post other items.

In this article, we will break down our policies on what we post. For the most part, we try to stick to these policies about 95% but there are times when we will break the rule if it means getting the community information that we feel is important.

What areas does Eastern Shore Undercover post about?

While we would love to cover the entire Eastern Shore, it just isn’t logical and isn’t really possible due to how busy we are. We post breaking news from Wicomico County and Worcester County, and all of Delmar.

Occasionally, we will post something from Somerset County if it has something related to either Worcester or Wicomico County, but those are only those times and they are few and far between.

Many people have requested that our coverage areas include Somerset County however they utilize a different radio frequency and it is not as easy to gather information. Therefore, we cover the following agencies:

Wicomico County – Law Enforcement

  • Maryland State Police – Salisbury Barrack
  • Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office
  • Salisbury City Police Department
  • Delmar Police Department
  • Fruitland Police Department
  • Salisbury University Police Department
  • Pittsville Police Department

Wicomico County – Fire & EMS

  • Station 1 – Salisbury
  • Station 2 – Salisbury
  • Station 3 – Fruitland
  • Station 5 Hebron
  • Station 6 – Parsonsburg
  • Station 7 Pittsville
  • Station 8 – Willards
  • Station 9 – Mardela Springs
  • Station 11 – Powellville
  • Station 12 – West Side
  • Station 14 – Sharptown
  • Station 15 – Allen
  • Station 16 – Salisbury
  • Station 74 – Delmar

Worcester County – Law Enforcement

  • Maryland State Police – Berlin
  • *Worcester County Sheriff’s Office
  • *Berlin Police Department
  • *Snow Hill Police Department
  • *Ocean City Police Department
  • *Ocean Pines Police Department
  • *Pocomoke City Police Department

Worcester County – Fire & EMS

  • Ocean City Fire & EMS

Note: Within the next 6 months, we will be full staffed and able to expand our coverage areas to include all of the Worcester County Fire & EMS Crews effective no later than December 2021. Right now, we are limited on those agencies with an * next to it. We cover them on large scale events ONLY currently.

Posting Breaking News on Eastern Shore Undercover Social Media?

Eastern Shore Undercover gained it’s popularity because we can get the breaking news out to the community faster than any other news source on the Eastern Shore. We post incidents that are happening in real time, with a slight delay for officer safety.

For example, we wait until an officer is on scene and renders the scene secure. Once that happens, then we normally post the incident. In rare incidents, we put an additional delay if we think their is any threat to the officers on scene. Officer safety is ALWAYS our priority!

What Eastern Shore Undercover Posts on Social Media and What We Won’t Post on Social Media?

Eastern Shore Undercover will post many different types of calls on social media ranging from assaults, motor vehicle crashes, theft calls, police pursuits and much more! We won’t however post several type of calls.

For starters, we never post alarm calls. When I was a police officer, I handled a case where a guy use to purposely set off business alarms so that the business owner would turn off the alarm and then the suspect would enter the business and clean them out. Therefore, we never post alarm calls on Eastern Shore Undercover.

We also don’t post traffic stops unless there is something more than just a traffic stop. There are just too many traffic stops taking place around the shore for us to post each one of them and I really don’t think there is any interest in just simple traffic stops.

Why do I not see an incident posted on Eastern Shore Undercover?

There are several reasons why you won’t see an incident on Eastern Shore Undercover. Most likely reason is we just aren’t in the office at that point in time. Many times, we will step out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, sometimes we have a family item to take care of and sometimes there is just no one on the radios at that point in time.

We try to cover 16-18 hours a day but at times, we just don’t have someone on the radios. That being said, while we are out, we normally have a radio with us and will post any emergency or large scale incident.


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