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With the recent growth of Eastern Shore Undercover, we felt it was necessary to start a community assistance page for people and families that are requesting we post the GoFundMe pages. Therefore, we have created this page for our community to be aware of what is happening and who needs assistance currently.


Kasey Bozman GoFundMe

Losing one family member is hard enough but losing 2 sisters in 3 weeks is unfathomable. That is exactly what has happened to Kasey Bozman. She lost her older sister 3 weeks ago and lost her second sister a few days ago. She is in need of help for the funeral expenses and has set up a GoFundMe so the community can help her out. She greatly appreciates anything you may help with!



On June 27, 2021, Sherita and her husband, Jessie, were in a very bad car accident. Jessie and Sherita were out and about, enjoying the day, when they stopped on the side of the road. Sherita went to get something out of the back of the trunk and a car slammed into her, pinning her under the car.

The car amputated her leg from the knee down, her pelvic bone is broken and her arm is broken. Sherita had internal bleeding, her kidneys were damaged and she will now have to be put on dialysis. These are just the injuries that we know of right now and she is in critical condition.

Due to covid 19 there is only one person per 24 hours aloud to be with her. This is very difficult for her friends and family. Sherita is a mother of 3 children, 1boys and 2 girls.  Her recovery will be a very long and expensive road. The family is setting up a go fund me page to help Jessie and Sherita with the medical expenses and household expenses.

To read more about this family and to make a donation, please click on the link below.



Good Afternoon Eastern Shore Undercover! One of our followers reached out to us and asked us for assistance with sharing a GoFundMe for a local 21-year old who is battling some health issues. Here is what she said:

“I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind sharing this fundraiser for my cousin’s son, 21 year old Dylan Carmean. He is a Lupus warrior who went in to Tidal Health on 7/14 for open heart surgery to repair damage and due to his heart being too weak, they had to abort the surgery and transport him to a hospital in DC. He is still fighting but he is currently on life support, his heart muscles are still so weak. His mother, Amanda Bradford, is having to pay $130 a night plus food to stay at a hotel across the street and bills at home are piling up.”

I am sharing this link for all of our followers to take a look at, make a donation or share. Thank you for helping out and we wish the best of luck to Dylan in his surgery and recovery. To read this entire story, click on the link below: