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Eastern Shore Undercover Alert Messaging System

Several months back, we mentioned that we were toying with the idea of an Eastern Shore Undercover Alert Messaging System that would make our community aware of “Major” incidents that are taking place in our coverage areas.

This system would send an SMS Text Message to whoever chooses to be alerted in our system when a “Major” incident takes place. This would be a FREE service to anyone who wishes to be on the list, and would simply be a text message that goes to your mobile device, making you aware that something is happening in your community.

These alerts would be location-oriented, which means if you decided to sign up, you would only get alerted for “Major” incidents in your area. If you are in Ocean City, you won’t get alerts for Crisfield. If you are in Salisbury, you won’t get alerts for Pocomoke. This will be based on the zip code location that you enter when signing up for the messaging system.

This will not really change much with our normal Eastern Shore Undercover social media postings. Nothing will change, with the exception of how we label our incidents (Titles).

We would begin classifying our posts into categories so that only the “Major” incidents would trigger the messaging system. This is to make sure you are only getting the serious incidents, that most people want to be alerted to. We would classify “Major” as follows:

  • Any incidents that are considered a public safety concern such as shootings, stabbings, or serious assaults whenever a suspect is not immediately located and could pose a danger to others in our community.
    • We want to make people aware of what is going on and any concerns you should have for your safety.
    • Therefore, we want to make you aware of these more serious incidents and do it in a more efficient way to protect our communities.
  • All traffic incidents where there will be a road closure or traffic delay.
    • We want to prevent you from getting stuck in a traffic jam and delayed.
    • This will also prevent issues for our first responders so they aren’t being delayed in the response to the scene and will prevent issues from the traffic jam.
  • Any missing person who is missing for over 1 hour and/or has a medical reason to immediately locate.
    • Timing is of the essence in these incidents and if we can get the information out about these individuals who have wandered off with medical conditions, we can hopefully help prevent many families from extra stress of missing their loved ones.

We want to hear your opinion and thoughts. We are posting this on all forms of our social media and you can also remain anonymous by sending us an email at We value your opinion and want to hear what you think. Good, bad and in between. Let us know, we would love to hear if you think this is a good thing or if you just aren’t interested.

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