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The Eastern Shore Undercover Mission

The Eastern Shore Undercover mission is to provide citizens of Wicomico and Worcester County with a reliable source of information.

We provide live and local Breaking News stories, that are unlike any other credible news source. We give you the news today, that many others won’t know about until tomorrow!

Based in Wicomico County, Maryland, we strongly believe in working where we live and being out in the community as much as possible. Whether we are attending a community function, a benefit, or a newsworthy event, we keep in mind “The Community” and bring back information that is beneficial to our community.

Eastern Shore Undercover strongly believes in bonding the local community together, along with our local first responders. Together, we are all much stronger than as one!

The Eastern Shore Undercover Goal

Our goal here at Eastern Shore Undercover is to stay true to our community and post as much real news and important information as possible. Knowledge is power and if we can provide our community with the info to make them aware of what is going on, then there will be fewer problems within the community.

We aren’t a news source that is going to post about Delaware, Virginia or across the bridge, unless it affects those here in Wicomico County and Worcester County, Maryland.

While we love our friends in Delaware, Virginia, and across the bridge, that just isn’t what we cover. We are a small group of individuals that seek out the information that directly pertains to those in Wicomico and Worcester County.

The Eastern Shore Undercover Promise

Our promise to you as a follower and supporter of Eastern Shore Undercover is to always provide you with 100% factual news and information that is credible, reliable and worth your time.

The news that we post under our name will always be real, not something that we are simply looking for clicks, likes or shares. Trust me when I tell you, we garner nearly 2 million comments a month, therefore we don’t need to beg for those social media engagements on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram like other sources.

News articles that we post on a daily basis come from press releases that we gather for you. We are not a news source that will go fishing with titles just to get people to open up the article.

We post, what happens and don’t embellish that facts of the story just to make it sound more interesting. What you see is what you get here at Eastern Shore Undercover.

Our Initial Founding

Eastern Shore Undercover was founded in June 2020 during the Covid-19 shutdown. We noticed that there was a true lack of dedication in the Wicomico County and Worcester County areas for a real news source. Nothing was worse than turning on the TV or opening up a social media page, for what is supposed to be a local news source, and seeing nothing about local news.

When Covid-19 struck and the area came to a standstill, we decided to move forward with our idea and begin a small news source for the community.

While we have been asked by various people to expand our coverage area, we have stayed true to our belief and focus on Wicomico County and Worcester County, Maryland.

The Team

Our team here at Eastern Shore Undercover is made up of a wide variety of professions including former and retired law enforcement, dispatchers, and those who simply care about the community. Our unwritten rule and moto is no one here is an expert and we can all learn something each day.

We have since built a strong following, combined a reliable news website with a great social media campaign and added in the greatest following of citizens in the world, to create the #1 news source on the shore, Eastern Shore Undercover!

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