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Do not Let Your Dogs Eat Those Cicadas! It could end with a Vet Visit!



After a 17-year hibernation, trillions of cicadas are about to emerge in Maryland and various other parts of the U.S. The explosion of cicadas should happen in early May, when the soil temperature reaches 64-66 degrees.

When this happens, you may see your dog suddenly start digging up the yard. Why is he/she digging up your yard, well, they can hear and smell things that you can’t! They can hear and smell those juvenile cicadas moving through the ground getting ready to pop out from the earth.

So what happens if your dog eats a few Cicadas? Most veterinarians that we have asked say that eating 1 or 2, isn’t going to hurt them however if your dog is one of those that like to indulge in eating more than a handful of Cicadas, well you could be in for some hefty vet bills over the next month.

The reason is because Cicadas have a hard shelled exoskeleton that is difficult for them to push through and hard to digest. In addition, some vets claim that the dogs can be allergic to the Cicadas and also can choke on the Cicada wings.

This can cause your pup to have severe stomach pains, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea, among many other issues relating to eating Cicadas. This may require you to take your pup to the vet and cost you several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

So what should you do? Well, thankfully for us here on the Eastern Shore, we are not expecting to see an overly populated area with the Cicadas but that does not mean we won’t see any. Take precautions and simply go outside with your pup and see how they are reacting once these annoying little critters come out of the ground.

The cicada will be around for about 6 weeks, so those insects that are emerging in May should be gone by late June, but it really depends on the weather.

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