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Salisbury, MD – In a new Valentine’s Day-themed fundraiser, zookeepers from the Salisbury Zoo are inviting the community to purchase mealworms or crickets to be named after their exes and fed to animals for the Chomp Your Ex Fundraiser.

Chomp Your Ex is a fundraiser for the Chesapeake American Association of Zookeepers chapter. Funds raised will benefit enrichment for the animals at the Salisbury Zoo, as well as far-reaching conservation efforts.

Each person who purchases a “chomp” through the fundraiser will get a personalized video and a few photos of a mealworm or cricket being fed to one of the animals at the Zoo.

People can choose from the mealworm or cricket to be fed to a tawny frogmouth, spotted turtle, basilisk, cotton-top tamarin or black-tufted marmoset.

“This fundraiser is a way for our community to connect with our animals in a fun way,” said Zookeeper Cheyanne Storm. “We’re excited to see visitors come to the Zoo and recognize the animal featured in their video.”

The fundraiser also highlights some of the Zoo’s lesser-known animals, said Zookeeper Jessie Meyer. Plus, the animals benefit from the enrichment of eating the mealworms and crickets.

Chomps can be purchased for $5 or $10 at bit.ly/ChompYourEx. The fundraiser runs through Friday, Feb. 10, at 5 p.m.

Each video will also include a zookeeper sharing information about the featured animal.

“In addition to benefiting our animals and conservation efforts, this fundraiser is a great way for us as zookeepers to connect with the community,” Meyer said.

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