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Can You Spare $5.00 to Help Eastern Shore Undercover?

UPDATE: You guys are amazing! Truly friggen amazing. In just under 2 hours, we did it! This beautiful angel is going to get a very nice headstone, thanks to all of you! I do not need anyone else to send in any donations. While they are appreciated, we have some checks that are coming in and that will put us right around the number we need to completely pay for the headstone! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Update 2: I just contacted the family and informed them that in just under 2 hours, we have raised enough to get their special angel her headstone. I can not express my appreciation to each and every one of you on this page! You guys are an amazing community that we love being a part of! Thank you!

Just being upfront with everyone, I think we are actually going to be about $100-150 over what we needed so with that, we will be taking the family out to dinner. I do not need any more donations. You guys are great, awesome and we love you all!

Last week, during our Eastern Shore Undercover 2-Year Anniversary Prize Giveaway, one of the contest questions was “what would be the first thing you would do, if you won the $300 million dollar Powerball or Mega Millions Jackpot”.  

Most people talked about quitting their jobs, some were kind enough to help out their friends and family and some would take care of their church.  There were over 1,400 comments on that post but two comments really stuck out to us, that just touched the hearts of my wife and I.  

Many of you will recall on April 8, 2022, a beautiful angel by the name of Mo’riah Marie Greene, tragically passed away at the young age of 11-years old.  The pain and heartbreak that this family went through, and continues to go through, is something that most of us could never understand or endure. 

The two comments that were posted, that touched our hearts, were about Mo’riah.  Mo’riah’s family weren’t concerned with luxurious houses, they weren’t interested in fancy cars or traveling, they simply wished to get their beautiful angel Mo’riah a headstone for her resting place.

Mo’riah Marie Greene
October 10, 2010 – April 8, 2022

Therefore, my wife and I decided that we were going to help out and take care of this for this amazing family, using Eastern Shore Undercover. We built this page to help the community, and this family is part of our community and has now grown to be a part of our really big family. 

That is where you guys come into play.  We have over 70,000 followers on this page so we are fortunate enough that we don’t have to ask people to make large donations.  A lot of small donations can really go a really long way!  So here is what I am asking for.  

If you can spare just a $5.00 donation, to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.  $5.00 is less than a cup of coffee and a donut in the morning, and if I get enough of those $5.00 donations, we can take care of getting this beautiful little angel a nice headstone and take that financial burden off of this family. 

I have already spoken with the family and informed them of what I want to do, and also spoken with the monument provider and informed them that I am going to take care of the cost of the monument, even if we don’t generate enough funds from this donation request.

We are going to make sure Mo’riah gets her headstone and the family doesn’t have to stress about this anymore.

Below, we are posting links if you wish to help out.  Please don’t feel pressured, please don’t feel obligated, only make the $5.00 donation if you are capable of doing so.   

  • Paypal:
  • Cash App: $EasternShoreUC
  • Venmo: EasternShoreUndercoverLLC


Once we have received enough donations or on Monday, whichever comes first, we will let you all know so the donations can stop. Once that happens, I will remove these links so no one else makes any donations.

Links for original post are listed below:

Thank you all for your assistance.